Since 2013, BSS has been one of China's leading players in ECG Electrode technology development and manufacturing and cooperated with partners from 101 countries in Asia, Europe, the US, as well as in the Middle East, Africa and South America. Due to the continuous growth, from 2022, BSS is perhaps the largest manufacturer for ECG Electrode in China.


To be “Your Better Signal Solution Partner”- our corporate philosophy- reflects the high standards we have set our-selves in adopting advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach, contributing to higher quality of life for patients.


Our ECG Electrode and ESU accessories are known for their outstanding quality, ease of use and reliability.


As your partner in diagnostics and surgery, BSS provides only tested and approved product solutions. Our commitment to ensure continually highest quality allows you the best care of your patients and enhances the performance of your ECG Signal Tracing and Surgical operation.


The products are manufactured in accordance with CE and Registered in U.S FDA. Regulatory requirement set by the Countries applied: Japanese PMDA, Saudi Arabia SFDA, Brazilian ANVISA, and with other documents of ISO 13485,FSC in EU, Biocompatibility Test Report, FSC in China, RoHS and so on.



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